The Gloop 2.0

The Gloop 2.0


Introducing the Gloop 2.0 that comes in pink,grey,and blue.


What's new?

The Gloop 2.0 is still latex free, made out of microfibre, and super fuzzy. The difference is that it's slightly smaller than the original Gloop, and it includes the full BeautyGloop signature. 


Why do i need this in my makeup kit?

This will help you to acheive a flawless,poreless,and blended finish without using as much product. Say goodbye to tools that absorb too much product ( and your money). Which colour will you choose?


How do i use it?

Simply activate by adding water, and watch it expand! 


Latex Free.Cruelty Free.Super Fuzzy.

  • How to clean

    1. Wet the sponge, and a bar of soap.

    2. Rub the sponge against the soap for at least 15 seconds.

    3. Rinse under the water, and keep squeezing until the water is clear.

    4. Repeat if necessary to remove makeup stains.

    5. Dry on towel, and in a open space. The sponge will grow mould if you enclose it back into your makeup storage.