The Gloop Set

The Gloop Set


You might recognise this Gloop Sponge from the Blending Besties set as it has no dip ! Just an all round fuzzy sponge.


What is it?

It's latex free, and made out of microfibre technology. Guranteed fuzzy hairs to help blend your makeup. The additional mini Gloop sponges also allow you to blend your under eyes seamlessly, and fade any harsh contour lines ( especially along the nose bridge). 


Why do i need this in my makeup kit?

This will help you to acheive a flawless,poreless,and blended finish without using as much product. Say goodbye to tools that absorb too much product ( and your money). Which colour will you choose?


How do i use it?

Simply activate by adding water, and watch it expand! 


Latex Free.Cruelty Free.Super Fuzzy.