The Gloop

The Gloop


The OG of the blending besties! 


The Gloop sponge can be used to perfect your skin base,contouring, and baking.


Acheive a flawless,poreless,and blended finish without using as much product. Say goodbye to tools that absorb too much product ( and your money). A super soft sponge that is flexible to cover all areas.


Simply activate by adding water, and watch it expand! 


All sponges are made out of microfibre ( the secret to the fuzzy texture).


Your blending bestie :) 


Latex Free.Cruelty Free.Super Fuzzy.

  • How to clean

    Simply add soap/liquid handwash and squeeze under water! Make sure you squeeze out the makeup residue, and dry on a towel. It is best to rinse after use to keep them squeaky clean.

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