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Why do i need the Gloop Sponge?

We won't be surprised if this becomes a STAPLE in your makeup bag. We invest in makeup, so it makes sense to use the best tools to have the BEST FINISH. Let's not waste the potential of a £40 foundation (or fiver)!

You can blend your makeup base, contour lines, and bake.

Flawless, effortless and airbrushed skin awaits you. The Gloop Sponge is your blending bestie!

How to use:

1.It's crucial that you run your Gloop Sponge under water before use to activate the fuzzy hairs & Gloop Signature.

2. You can use any side of the Gloop Sponge to your preference with a light patting notion.

3. Get into the corners of your eyes, use the edge to snatch your face, or the base to blend your contouring. We will leave this up to you to play with !

4. Simply wash your Gloop Sponge with soap & water by squeezing the excess makeup out.

The Gloop Sponge will not absorb all of your makeup into nothing, and you can absolutely use the Gloop Sponge to build on coverage.

We are so proud of the Gloop Sponge, and we can't wait for you to try it!

Available now for only £5



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