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Who are we?

Updated: May 21

Founded by @chasingdieu. Cruelty Free. Based in London,UK.

3 words to describe BeautyGloop: Free Spirited, Fun, and Spontaneous.


A brand that encourages everyone to embrace their inner child. There is no deep meaning behind the name - it just sounds cute and funny.We believe in curating products that are accessible, premium quality, and made with care.We aspire to have a positive impact on the environment, people, and animals. Yes, everything is vegan and we are currently working on using recyclable packaging. WATCH THIS SPACE! We are all about inclusivity, diversity, and we don't like beauty standards.Everyone should be able to feel beautiful in however they choose to present themselves.


Every business starts somewhere, so let's take a trip down memory lane.

March 2019 - The First Photoshoot.

Shot by Dieu in a DIY Studio aka living room. The shoot was literally confetti, glitter, and bubbles! Ariana Grande played non-stop in the background, and it was so much fun.Here are some throwbacks of the development process.We are still new to the industry, and are continuously growing.

The First Five

Oopsy Daisy. Cutie Pie. Day Dreamer. Kimi Bae. Lovey Dovey.

These were the original photos that were on the website before our Leading Creative Stylist stepped in, and worked her MAGIC. Yes, we are cringing at the photos but we all have to start somewhere. Don't be afraid to work with the resources you have, and expand later!

They are all made out of synthetic silk with black cotton/clear transparent band. Affordable lashes that can be worn over 30 times.Handle them with care & they will last for AGES.

July 2020 - BeautyGloop 2.0

We revamped the website, packaging, and sold out lash styles in Day Dreamer,Kimi Bae, and Lovey Dovey. This was such HUGE achievement. We also launched 11 new styles, and counting. We are obsessed with false lashes, and this will forever be our thing until someone invents a lash serum that actually grows sky high lashes :)

October 2020 - Bathbombs were BORN!

We are going through 'weird' times, and it just made sense to invest in selfcare. Whilst it is important to acknowledge all things serious, it's okay to let down your hair & feel free from it all.

It's all about balance in life! Our job is to make your bath times cuter <3 . Our bath bombs are pretty amazing, and the idea simply happened whilst Dieu was in her bath LITERALLY. We are so happy with the response, and hope you will continue to include BeautyGloop in your selfceare routines.Bathbombs became our second category of products, and we have expanded since then.

We really hope that you love your BeautyGloop products as much as we do. Thank you so much for supporting an independent brand, and it doesn't go unnoticed. We aspire to continue bringing you more cute products to add to your vanity/makeup kit/makeup bag/shelfie ;)

- Love BeautyGloop x

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