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How to wear BeautyGloop Lashes

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Cruelty free.Synthetic silk.No animal hairs.

Our premium lashes start from £6, and they can be reworn 20 times or more when handled with care

(just make sure to keep them clean).

All lashes come in a cute portable box for you to keep them safe & dust free.

The lash hairs are made out of synthetic silk which means that they are durable, and will hold their shape for longer.The lash bands vary from black cotton silk or a silicone band ( depending on the style).The lashes are lightweight, and will compliment your features.

All eye shapes are different, so we highly recommend you to snip the lash band to fit along your lash line perfectly. You don't want the excess to dig into your skin which can cause discomfort!

False lashes do not need to be worn for only special occasions,& there are many daytime lashes to choose from (Oopsy Daisy,DieuElla,JazzyBabe etc).

We aspire to continuously expand our lash collection to fit every occasion, but of course our lashes are for EVERYONE.

How do i apply on BeautyGloop lashes?

1st Step: Gently remove the lashes from the box. Use your finger pad or tweezers to gently remove the lashes from the plastic mould.

2nd Step: Apply a thin layer of lash glue,& wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky. Avoid applying on excess glue as this will take longer to set.

3rd Step: Place the lash band as close to your natural lashes.You want the lash band to follow your eye shape, and it should sit comfortably on your eyelids.Remember, they should sit just above your natural lashes.

How do i look after my BeautyGloop Lashes?

- Keep your lashes in the box when not in use as you don't want the lashes to collect dust, bacteria, & to keep them in a safe place ( we want to keep our lashes in pairs).

- The lashes will last longer, and look better without the use of mascara. You should always apply on the lashes after makeup application to prevent any fallouts landing on the lash hairs.

- Gently peel the glue off after each wear to prevent a build-up which won't look cute if you are looking down when you next wear them (we've all been there).

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