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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Cruelty Free.Paraben Free.SLS Free.Vegan.

During these unsettling times, we decided to take the risk and introduce a selfcare range. We have launched with bath bombs first as they looked too aesthetically pleasing to miss out on.

Selfcare doesn't need to be a full spa day, and it can happen in the comfort of your home.Run the bath, play nature sounds on Spotify/Youtube, and put on a sheet mask.YOU DESERVE IT. It's important for your mental health to not always be absorbing apps on your phone, and normalising stress at work! It's all about balance in life. Work hard & rest well.

All bath bombs have been freshly handmade in the UK, and individually packed just for you.

This means that they do have a shorter shelf life of 2 months, and this is also why they smell so good.

Note: Some bath bombs do contain essential oils such as 'OffDuty' so be sure to check the ingredients list before purchasing if you are pregnant or have any allergies.

Our bath bombs do not dry out your skin,& are designed to enhancing your bathing experience by awakening/calming your senses, and step out smelling yummy! They are also SLS free so they shouldn't irritate your skin.

Some of you have asked if the bath bombs would irritate the intimate area, and this is a hard question to answer as everyone's sensitivity is different.Please do check the ingredients list to spot any known ingredients that may have caused you irritation. Alternatively, some of our customers have used our bath bombs to soak their feet or leave in their wardrobes for the aroma ( it's pretty strong).

We are confident that you already know how to use a bath bomb, so we have created a selfcare checklist to boost your bathing experience.

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