Do's and Dont's 

DO snip the the lash band to fit along your lash line. This will also prevent discomfort as you don't want the excess to dig onto the skin. 

DO gently pull any dry glue off the lashes if you wish to use them more than once. This will ensure a smooth application for the next time you wear them.

DO apply mascara on your natural and false lashes IF you wish. False lashes will tend to stay on longer if there is something to hold onto, but it's not necessary to add mascara on the false lashes. 

DO experiment with eyeshadow looks, but it's recommended to place the lashes on to finish off the look. This will prevent excess shadow from staining on the lashes.

DON'T pull the lashes out of the box ( unless you are very experienced as you might accidentally tear them). You can gently tug the corners with a tweezer to take them out.

DON'T let the lashes come in contact with water as this will change their shape. Using face mists and makeup setting sprays will not affect them.

DON'T leave the lashes out of the box when not in use. This will keep them dust free, and keep them in one place.

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